Forehead Remodeling

With combined procedures to pull the scalp forward and perform an eyebrow lift

The forehead is a person’s most extensive and visible part, and it also differs greatly between both genders. A male forehead is wide and bulging, because the frontal sinuses located over the nose are covered by a solid bone that protrudes over the eyes, making men’s eyes stronger and more masculine, while a female forehead is shorter, narrow and smooth, and the frontal bone is thinner; thus women’s eyes are more expressive and exposed.

Frontal bones

There are two options for feminizing a male forehead:

The surgeon makes a nonlinear incision near the forehead’s hairline, pulling the head forward and exposing the bones that are going to be treated.

In some cases, the milling or filing of the frontal bones and the orbital ridge that surrounds the eyes is not enough to feminize a forehead; therefore, in most cases it is necessary to remove part of the bones that cover the frontal sinuses, to reshape and reposition them, fixing them with a mesh and small titanium screws. This facilitates bone consolidation with time, but it is important to point out that no materials are visible or palpable over the skin surface.


Forehead feminization is supplemented with an eyebrow lift and a soft tissue repositioning over the new bone structure, providing the patient with female features, by positioning the eyebrows in a more arched angle. In most cases, the surgeon takes advantage of this procedure to pull the scalp forward, reducing the distance between the forehead and the eyebrows in about 5m, creating a typically feminine measure.

Anesthesia and surgery

We use general anesthesia, the forehead feminization surgery takes about three hours, and the patient must stay at the clinic for one day.


During the first hours after the surgery, some parts near the forehead, such as the eyes, will swell and bruises will appear. This is the least painful surgery, as the treated zone will be numbed and the discomfort will gradually fade. If you do not mind looking slightly inflamed, you may resume your work and go out after one week. In some people, their new image causes them a great impression and it takes some time until they get used to the change in their faces, they may also feel temporarily depressed, but this will disappear once they realize how happy they are about their facial feminization.

Possible Complications

Our surgeons are highly qualified to prevent any post-operatory complication. In the case of a forehead remodeling, the risks may be:

  • Asymmetries.
  • Due to our doctors’ experience and accurate diagnoses, this type of complication is very unlikely and corrigible.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • Keloid formation is very rare.

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.