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FEMILIFE has the best peruvian medical specialist in face and corporal feminization surgeries. Our medical staff is conformed by face craneomaxilo and plastic surgeons of wide experience and commitment to offer to the transsexuals womens the best results in procedures of feminization for her better life quality

Hello, I am Nikky!

A woman just like you, who for many years dreamed of living, showing my true gender and safely expressing my genuine identity.

But I could not do that, because my face and body did not help me, and I felt very insecure. I heard about feminization surgeries when I was abroad, but I could not afford them. It was too much money for me.

My body procedures were easier to carry out, because they are performed everywhere.

Plastic surgeries in Peru are not as expensive as in other places around the world. I was blessed with having born in this reality that enabled me to create my true self.

While I was researching on Facial and Body Feminization procedures, I found several surgeons who helped me during my transition. They understood transsexual reality and its physical problems very well.

When I had already achieved my dream of looking and fully living as a happy woman, I read the drama of many girls worldwide. They spoke about their frustrations and sorrows, their great dream… their right to look like the women they are and feel inside.

This is a dream that only plastic surgery can fulfill and, for many transsexuals worldwide, it is unattainable because of the high cost it implies in their own countries.

This is the reason behind the creation of Femilife in Peru: A group of professional doctors and specialists, who are aware of transsexual reality and are willing to help you at this important stage of your life.

As part of Femilife’s professional staff, my mission is to provide all our patients with all the necessary comforts and facilities during their stay in our country. This implies company and assistance throughout the pre and post-surgical process.

My experience as a trans-patient in several reconstructive procedures allows me to fully understand the patients’ expectations and hopes regarding the results of the surgeries, and provide first-hand answers to their common fears and concerns about different surgical procedures.

Staff medic

Dr. Acevedo

Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Vela

Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Villasis

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Luque

Plastic surgeon

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