Facial Feminization


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is the procedure that will allow other people to recognize you as a woman at first sight. It is possible to achieve more feminine facial features, by reconstructing face parts that define a person’s gender.

La cirugía de Feminización Facial (CFF)  es el procedimiento que le permite obtener la primera vista como mujer por las demás personas. Lograr tener rasgos faciales más femeninos es posible, reconstruyendo las partes del rostro que definen el género de la persona. hay muchos tipos de cirugías faciales pero femenino un rostro masculino de hombre mujer más ir alla de la piel de nuestras mujeres trans. En el femilife hemos combinado las técnicas más efectivas de la cirugía craneo Maxilofacial y plástica. Para hacer realidad el sueño de la feminización de las personas en la transición de genero. Modificando la estructura ósea facial masculina a una versión más delicada, para una idea mucho más exacta en estas fotos de antes y después de nuestros pacientes

Facial Feminization Surgery – Photos before and After

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Facial Feminization Video Before and After Results

Differences between a male and female face

We know that the masculine and feminine face are different although very rarely we have put to analyze that makes them different, if we speak of the front to observe that the men have a very wide and bulging front which sometimes makes them very attractive. But if we look at the female front, you will see a narrower front, which makes it look more exposed and open. And if we talk about noses depending on the type of face they will see that women have thinner and smaller noses than men in relation to the proportions of their face. The jaw in men are very broad which makes the face look larger but in women is observed a narrower jaw and shorter the same is seen in the jaws of men where they are more square and projected but in girls Is shorter in height and thinner. All these characteristics can vary depending on the race and the form of the face in both genders. When it comes to feminizing a face all features are considered as part of a whole.

Facial differences male to female feminization surgeries

Rebuilding the facial skeleton

The face is composed of soft parts and bony structures. In most plastic surgeries, doctors work on tissues such as skin and fat to modify the shape of the face, but in order to feminize a masculine face, surgeons must reconstruct the bones of the face depending on the needs of each transgender patient. A reconstruction or remodeling of the forehead is mostly and 60% of cases of facial feminization the most required procedure. A mandibular reduction is always accompanied by a feminization of the chin. But we must say that a quarter of the female facial symmetry is in the nose, after a reduction of the bases of the face a Rhinoplasty ends up complementing a facial feminization. Although it is not in the face but it is a detail that reveals the masculine gender is the nut of Adam its reduction in some women transgeneros is more important than other procedures. It is also included in our medical packages of a CFF.

Differences between a male and female face

Evaluation for Facial Feminization Surgery (CFF-FFS)

All our patients are evaluated with modern magnetic resonance technology that allows us to evaluate the density of the facial bone and know what the limits will be in the feminization surgery.

All the test before your feminization surgeries

The 3D images of the facial skeleton reveal the state of the face, the planning of Surgery and the best surgical technique for each case. We have agreed with prestigious laboratories that provide this service.

You already know up to this point which are the most important and main surgeries in most facial feminization surgeries but there are still more, accompany our surgeries of reduction and remodeling Bone upper lip lift, cheek augmentation and eyebrow replenishment taking as Result a combined maxillofacial and plastic skull surgeries in a single surgical session.

facial femenization surgery

Before and After patient results. ffs

Facial feminization Result ; Before and after

facial feminization surgeries

Photos: Facial feminization Result; Before and after.

Facial Feminization Surgery is a set of surgeries focused on a single objective. Since the 1980s, feminization protocols have been introduced and applied throughout the world. Since then, hundreds of transsexual women have managed to improve their feminine image, managing to live fully as women.

Facial Feminization and Rejuvenation

Many women begin their transition from gender to a more mature age. Where the soft tissues of the skin and fat do not allow the results of a facial feminization are the best because not only should we reduce the bones of the face but the excesses of skin that form volume on the bony parts of the face. In femilife We can feminize a face and rejuvenate it in the same surgical act, the skill of our medical team conformed by maxillofacial and plastic surgeons allow us to reposition the soft tissues to the new bone structure of the face combining a CCF with a facelift.

Look at the case of Samantha: It was feminized and rejuvenated in a single surgery, at the end on our website you can see the testimonial video of our patient:

Feminización facial y lifting facial

Full Facial Feminization and Facelift, Before an after Photos.

The story of Samantha is of many trans women born in a cruel era with the transgender community. She had to wait many years to reveal her true identity to the world and she did it when she was 50 years old. And came not only to Femilife to feminize it but also to give back some years lost living in a gender that did not make her happy. After her feminization surgery she enjoys every minute as if she were a younger and prettier woman.

Benefits Of A Facial Feminization Surgery, FFS

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.

Before and After Videos of our Facial Feminization Surgery (CFF)

Look at some of the experiences

You have seen our facial feminization surgery before after photos and these have been some of our cases that decided to show their history, from femilife.com we would love to show more cases but sometimes it is very difficult to find girls who wish to appear on the web. Now it’s your turn to know them a little more in video telling their experiences with the procedures and their post-operative. The images correspond to the last day before the return to their country and each one of them looks inflamed. These are not the final results but you can already see the change.

Comprehensive Medical Packages

All our patients receive ongoing support before and after surgery

Benefits for our patients

Want to know, what is our Facial feminization surgery cost? All our facial and body feminization surgeries are in our medical packages, we have designed a care system that allows us to take care of you from your arrival in our city, we have in addition to our team of surgeons, collaborators who support us to provide you with the best Nursing and assistance.

We know what it is to travel to another country in search of this dream and how exciting is a transition of gender and its different stages and processes. Constant emotional support because we know what feminization surgeries mean to you.