Adam’s Apple Reduction

During adolescence, the physical changes generated by testosterone – male sexual hormone – in boys’ bodies are irreversible.

One of the most noticeable changes during this stage is the growth of Adam’s apple, a typical male feature, which is but a cartilage that protects men’s vocal chords.

The correction of this male feature, visible in transsexual women is a need, and is one of the simplest surgeries among facial feminization procedures.

Thyroid cartilages

La realización de un pequeño corte de 4cm en uno de los pliegues del cuello, permite al cirujano llegar hasta los cartílagos de la tiroides cuyo exceso sobrante que es el que ocasiona el abultamiento en el cuello es cortado y extraído, dejando la superficie lisa y femenina. Una mala práctica de este procedimiento ocasionaría un deterioro en la voz, de ahí la importancia que un médico calificado tenga a su cargo la intervención.

Anestesia y Recuperación

A small 4-cm incision in a neck fold allows the surgeon to gain access to the thyroid cartilages, whose excess, which generates the swelling in the neck, is then cut and removed, leaving a smooth, feminine surface. A malpractice of this procedure would deteriorate the voice, hence the importance of counting on a qualified surgeon for performing this procedure.

Anesthesia and Recovery

The anesthesia is local, and this surgery takes about one (1) hour. The recovery may take place at home, and the patient must avoid talking during this period.

During the first days, the patient may feel a slight discomfort when swallowing food. The only sign of the operation will be a small bandage covering the stitches that will be removed by the doctor a few days later.


No matter how simple the surgery, there is always a possibility for complications, such as:

  • Damages to the vocal chords and voice.
  • Infections due to an improper intake or lack of antibiotics.
  • Discomfort while speaking.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.