Upper Lip Lift

One of the features that feminize a woman’s face is the short distance between the mucosae or upper lip vermilion and the nose. A very common feminine feature is when women leave their mouths semi-open and show part of their teeth, something that does not happen in most men. Besides, short, full lips are associated to youth.


To perform an upper lip lift, the surgeon makes a butterfly incision in the base of the nose and removes a small portion of skin and muscle; he then joins the ends, suturing them. Thus, the lip rolls up, showing more of its inner part. All this procedure takes place within an hour.

The upper lip lift is one the simplest surgeries, but its impact on facial feminization is essential.


If this procedure is not combined with any other surgery, only local anesthesia is required; otherwise, general anesthesia must be used.

Possible complications

Our surgeons are highly qualified to prevent any post-operatory complication. In the case of an upper lip lift, the involved risks are:

– Infections.- All our patients are medicated with the respective antibiotics, according to the type or surgery they have undergone. This prevents any type of infection and reduces the possible infections of the procedure to a minimum.

– Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
All patients must go through a pre-surgical process, and must undergo the following tests:

– Complete blood and urine tests, radiology, cardiology, and pulmonology tests, among others. These tests reduce the possibility of irregularities during surgery and subsequently.

– Asymmetries.- Due to our doctors’ experience and accurate diagnoses, this type of complication is very unlikely and corrigible.

Keloid formation is very rare.

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.