Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, and define people’s mood. Thus, we find looks that reveal tiredness, anger, happiness, surprise or sadness. Through them, we may also recognize male and female expressions.

Eyebrow lifting is an important part of the Facial Feminization process; therefore, once the frontal bone has been remodeled, we arch and lift them more to provide a more feminine expression.


Taking advantage of the incision made between the forehead and the scalp hairline, to remodel the frontal bone, the surgeon tightens the forehead skin upwards, lifting the position of eyebrow lines and removing horizontal wrinkles, as well. The incision is then carefully sutured.

Eyebrow/forehead lifts may also be endoscopically performed (a less invasive procedure than conventional surgeries, which reduces recovery periods and leaves less scars).

Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Recovery

If this surgery is combined with other procedures, we will use general anesthesia. In case this is the only procedure to be carried out, we will use local sedation. Likewise, if eyebrow lifting is carried out together with other surgeries, the patient must remain in the clinic for one day.

Post-operatory pain level ranges from medium to low. A bandage will cover the treated zone for one day. After this period of time, you may wash your hair very carefully. Several bruises will appear in the eye zone, and the inflammation will gradually disappear. It is common to experience insensibility in the forehead zone ten days after the surgery. Your may resume your working activities, but you must try to sleep with your head elevated, because it contributes to a quick recovery.

Possible Complications

Our surgeons are highly qualified to prevent any post-operatory complication. In case of an eyebrow lift, the risks may be:

Infections.- All our patients are medicated with the respective antibiotics, according to the type or surgery they have undergone. This prevents any type of infection and reduces the possible infections of the procedure to a minimum.

– Adverse reactions to anesthesia.

All patients must go through a pre-surgical process, and must undergo the following tests:

– Complete blood and urine tests, radiology, cardiology, and pulmonology tests, among others. These tests reduce the possibility of irregularities during surgery and subsequently.

Asymmetries.- Due to our doctors’ experience and accurate diagnoses, this type of complication is very unlikely and corrigible.

Keloid formation is very rare.

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.