Mentoplasty or Chin Feminization

Male chins are typically square and wide, while female chins are narrower, end in a point and are less protruding. To achieve a complete female facial harmony, the surgeon evaluates the patient’s face, to determine the most efficacious way to attain its feminization, by applying the most suitable technique to each particular case.

To gain access to the chin bones, the surgeon makes an incision in the lower gum, avoiding visible scars.

Chin reduction
As an example, we are presenting below three cases that evidence the most frequent features:

First case:

For those patients with a great prominence in chin width and height, it will be necessary and recommendable to make a total chin reconstruction. To perform this procedure, the surgeon will detach part of the chin bone and will cut and remove the excess, reducing and repositioning it by displacing it forward or, in the opposite case, moving it backwards. In any case, the patient’s chin bones are held together with titanium mini-plates that ensure their solidification and healing.

Second case:

To achieve a harmonious feminine chin, some patients only require reaming or scraping bone edges to sharpen it.

Third case

Some patients lack an appropriate facial proportion because the chin is not prominent enough. In this case, a small prosthesis will be placed, to provide them with a feminine and harmonious forward projection.

Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Recovery:

For this type of surgery it is necessary to use general anesthesia, and the patient must be hospitalized for one day. You will have to wear a chin girdle for several days to immobilize the soft tissues and help you heal in an appropriate way. Oral hygiene will be essential to prevent infections. Chin swelling and numbness will be noticeable during the first days after the operation. The chin will remain numb for a first few weeks after surgery. Your lower lip will be also swollen, making it difficult for you to talk. All this discomfort is the result of the inflammatory process, which will evolve with time. One week later, you will be able to resume your daily tasks. The final results of this surgery will be appreciated after five months.


– Infections produced by the incorrect intake of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

– Asymmetries, which are very unlikely and corrigible, provided the surgery has been conducted by a suitable doctor.

– Alterations to sensibility in the chin region.

– Adverse reactions to anesthesia.

All patients must go through a pre-surgical process, and must undergo the following tests:

– Complete blood and urine tests, radiology, cardiology, and pulmonology tests, among others. These tests reduce the possibility of complications during surgery and subsequently.

We are presenting below the diverse surgeries that compose the Facial Feminization process.