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"It was all very quick, before and after surgery dela. I am satisfied with all the service since College, to the attention of the surgeon. I feel much safer now. you do not have to worry about anything, Femilife took care of everything."
- ANGELA URBANO, Patient Femilife

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"Today I go street wing and see that love me more, I have less aggressive looks, wait a long time to be in Femilife. I finally do, I never had pain only patience to see the final results after a few months."
- DANIA, Patient Femilife

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"This was the best decision of my life, I feel much better and more complete physically safe to continue taking steps in my gender transition, if you feel the need for these surgeries. you should do this, I’m very happy with my results."
- SAMANTHA, Patient Femilife

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"I decided to have my feminization surgery to have a much quieter life in my genre. I aspire to a career and for me today is much more comfortable talking to people. I spent a month in Peru for surgery face and body. staff always support me in everything. and my results are amazing, Thanks Femilife."
- AREAL LEXINGTON, Patient Femilife
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