Cheek feminization

Female faces are mostly heart-shaped because of the prominent cheeks with regard to the rest of the face. High, well defined and filled cheeks are a female characteristic, while men have less projection in this zone, and their faces turn out to be flatter or squarer.


Cheeks occupy and important part of the face and are a factor of great significance to generate changes in facial expressions.

Cheek increase is achieved through two types of procedures:

1.- With the insertion of solid implants.

2.- With fillings (gelified products)


There are several types of implants in the market, but our surgeons recommend porous polyethylene (Medpor) implants, as they adapt better to the body. To place these implants, the surgeon makes two small incisions in the upper gums until they are inserted behind the muscles of each cheek. Implant size and position differ in every patient, as they must adjust to the particular requirements of each patient. The use of solid pre-formed silicon (Silimed) implants is also recommended by our specialists.


Filling products are injected through the skin until the desired volume has been reached.

Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Recovery

In both cases, the use of implant or filling, the anesthesia may be local or general. Once the procedure has been concluded, the doctor will recommend bed rest and an immediate return home. During the first days after the procedure, the swelling will be evident, but it will disappear after a few days, as well as the bruises, which will be gradually less frequent. The final result may be appreciated two or three months later.


Our surgeons are highly qualified to prevent any post-operative complication. In the case of a feminization, the risks which may occur are:

– Infections.- All our patients are medicated with the respective antibiotics, according to the type or surgery they have undergone. This reduces the possible infections of the procedure to a minimum.

– Asymmetries.- Due to our doctors’ experience and the accuracy in the marking of the zones to be operated, this type of situation is very unlikely.

– Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
All patients must go through a pre-surgical process, and must undergo the following tests:

– Complete blood and urine tests, radiology, cardiology, and pulmonology tests, among others. These tests reduce the possibility of complications during surgery and subsequently.

Comprehensive Medical Packages

All our patients receive ongoing support before and after surgery.

Benefits for our patients

  • Accommodation in Apartment.
  • 24-hour personal assistance.
  • Mobile phone at your disposal without additional cost.
  • Airport-hotel-clinic-medical consultation transportation.
  • Preferential medical visits during the hospitalization.
  • Medical preoperative
  • Additional services at your request.
 feminization surgery


Write us and in a few hours we will contact you, fill out the form correctly. It is important that you tell us A little about yourself, Each woman is different and we love to know the history of our patients and what they want with the feminization surgeries. We understand and value the meaning of a transition.

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