Peru… you have to see it to believe it.

FEMILIFE is located in Lima, Perus capital city, which is a blend of history, modernity and cultural diversity.

Miraflores is one of Lima’s most eminently touristic and cultural coastal districts. It has great and abundant nightlife, and is home to the most well-known restaurants of delicious Peruvian gastronomy. Part of the magic of being in Peru is the fact that, in a few hours, you may go from the capital’s hustle and bustle to mythical Machu Picchu, the eternal city recognized as one of the wonders of the modern world.

FEMILIFE helps to plan your trip, so it not only becomes a quality medical experience, but also a living experience.

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Discover all the cities hidden within Lima, where Peru’s different faces, cultures, festivals and flavors converge. Lima is known as the City of Kings.
Miraflores is the touristic district par excellence. Close to the Pacific Ocean, it offers you the most diverse nightlife entertainment, as in the best cities around the world.


Marvel at Cusco, the capital city of the Inca Empire, known as the Navel of the World. In this cosmopolitan and thousand-year-old city, you will find several attractions that will not cease to impress you, such as Machu Picchu, a wonder of the modern world.

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Located in South America, with an area of 1,285,215 km2, Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. Its capital is Lima City, close to the Pacific Ocean.


Spanish is Peru’s official language, although other native languages are spoken in the interior of the country. Nevertheless, at the main tourist establishments in Lima and Cusco you will be served by English-speaking personnel.


Peru and mainly Lima offer Peruvian and international cuisine. Many of these restaurant work until very late at night, especially in Miraflores, as it has plenty of nightlife.
Peruvian restaurants have unique flavors that have turned Peruvian cuisine in one of the best in the world.


The Peruvian currency is the “Nuevo Sol”, and its different denominations go from one Nuevo Sol (S/. 1) to two hundred Nuevos Soles (S/. 200).
The Exchange rate is S/. 3 per US$1, or S/. 4 per €1.


Peru’s weather varies greatly, but Lima is characterized for having nine months of mild winter, and the summer goes from January to March, which coincides with Peruvian inhabitants’ holidays.

Public Health

No vaccinations are required for people traveling to Lima. We recommend you to always drink bottled water, as tap water is not purified enough.

Money Availability

In Peru and especially in Lima, you have several ATMs available 24 hours a day. The maximum cash withdrawal is US$ 500 per day, and you may freely exchange them for the local currency.


220V, 50Hz


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