Body feminization surgeries

Body Feminization Procedures

Your body, as well as your face, defines your gender before other people… if hormones and exercises have not been able to provide you with that feminine shape, body plastic surgery may achieve this.

Femilife provides you with the most well-known procedures to shape your body, and, in the case of trans-women, we offer you the opportunity of feminizing your body…

As well as in our facial feminization surgeries, our Body Procedures have been created to offer you the feminine naturalness and beauty you need to exhibit yourselves as women before the eyes of the world… Your new figure will make you feel more attractive and self-confident.

Our Feminizing Body Procedures are shown below

Breast augmentation
Nowadays, breasts are a symbol of femininity and play a very important…

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Gluteal Augmentation
Buttocks are one of the most attractive features of a woman’s body and…

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Liposuction is a plastic surgery intended to correct different body areas wi…

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Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) involves the removal of excess abdominal skin…

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Comprehensive Medical Packages

All our patients receive ongoing support before and after surgery.

Benefits for our patients

  • Accommodation in Apartment.
  • 24-hour personal assistance.
  • Mobile phone at your disposal without additional cost.
  • Airport-hotel-clinic-medical consultation transportation.
  • Preferential medical visits during the hospitalization.
  • Medical preoperative
  • Additional services at your request.
 feminization surgery


Write us and in a few hours we will contact you, fill out the form correctly. It is important that you tell us A little about yourself, Each woman is different and we love to know the history of our patients and what they want with the feminization surgeries. We understand and value the meaning of a transition.